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Smart Tanning

Moderation is the key to building a safe tan. The “Golden Rule” of Tanning is to never burn. There are many sources citing the great and healthy benefits you can obtain through moderate tanning. Protect yourself from burning, Tan Smart, and Soak up the Benefits of Tanning.

Benefits of Tanning

  • The natural production of Vitamin D
  • Aids in absorption of Calcium for our bones
  • Decreased Blood Pressure
  • Lower blood cholesterol
  • Increased tolerance of stress
  • Increased resistance to infections

Vitamin D “SunShine Vitamin”

When our skin is exposed to the UVB portion of the sun’s light, our body naturally starts producing Vitamin D. In Fact, this is your bodies most efficient way of producing Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endocrine dysfunction, infections, autoimmune disorders, kidney problems, neurological disease, respiratory illness, skin problems, and cancer, among other things (

If you would like to research for yourself, listed below are websites that have dedicated their sole purpose to tanning education.