Treat yourself to younger, hydrated skin. During your Hydro-Therapy session, you will be surrounded by Vitamin infused steam that helps deliver softer skin all while creating a perfect canvas for either a Spray Tan or Natual Tan. Prepare for a rich, beautiful, long lasting tan as well as super-hydrated skin.


  • Radiant Heat -Delivers Skin Firming Stimulation & Enhances Absorption of Skin Care Products
  • Vitamin Infused Steam -Gives Intense Hydration while Transforming your skin. Active Ingredients include Vitamin E&C, Green Tea, and a Blend of Aromatic Essential Oils.
  • Color Spectrum LED Lights -Fill the capsule to aid in relaxation, balance, and energize
  • Vibratory Massage Bed -Stimulates micro-circulation in your skin which is Skin firming, Muscle relaxing, and also accelerates your tan. Relax, Unwind, and feel the tension drift away.

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  • Cellulite Reducing and Skin Firming -Boost your tanning potential, get 2-3Â

    Shades Darker
  • Prolong your sunless results up to 2 days longer
  • Burn up to 300 Calories per session -Super Hydrated, Younger looking Skin
  • Increase Oxygen Flow & Detoxify Skin